Minimus is a membership  organization whose purpose is to:

• Help students and parents minimize college debt;

• Teach students how to assess their college financial situation;

• Assist them in their search for funds. 

* Show donors our students are making prudent financial decisions regarding college.

Welcome to Minimus

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Minimus promotes                    College Success

Minimus helps students and their families find academic and financial value.  

Paying for college has become a major barrier for many students and their families

Too many  try to find solutions on their own.  It is simply too difficult.

What We Do

Minimus teaches students and their parents how to find and select colleges that provide superior academic and financial value.  

Our program is unique insofar as we stick with students until they graduate from college. 

Most importantly, Minimus works closely with the College Donors Fund.  Students who work successfully with Minimus are recommended for grants from the College Donors Fund.   

Student Testimonial

"Minimus offers fantastic mentorship for college admissions and financial aid. Having an experienced professional by my side was reassuring and integral to my success in higher education."
                                    Bryden Wright, junior, Dartmouth.

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