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College Audit

Sanity Check Review for $99.

Great Application

Create an application that sets you apart for $250.

Great College Choices

Applying to the wrong schools is one of the biggest mistakes students and parents make.  Avoid this pitfall for $250.

Finding the Money

Let us help you find the money you need to pay for college without incurring huge debt.  $250

Transfer Help

College transfers are not uncommon. And they can be very expensive.  Let us help you make the right decision for $250.

Study Abroad

Our quick review can save you time, money, and make sure you are in the right program for $99.

Tuition Insurance

Indispensable. Let us help you to protect your investment.  Price is a function of the amount of coverage you need.  Request an application. 

Saving for College

Request an application to let us help you with establishing a 529 Savings Plan or help with other tax issues related to saving and paying for college.

Surviving the Tuition Travesty

Comprehensive book on why college costs so much and what students and parents can do about it. $29.95

14 Rules

Distills what students and parents need to do to pay for college. $19.95

Protect Your  Investment

Focuses on the best things students can do to make sure they have a great education at a fair price. 19.95.

Your College Budget

A terrific value that allows you to compare your college choices, as well as prepare a college budget for only $49.95.