Our Services

Our services are 

 1. Minimus Annual Membership.                            $25   
Includes our top three College Success Articles,
plus access these programs at reduced prices:

2. College Review Sanity Check                                              $99                 
3. Creating a Great Application Program                         $250

4. Selecting the Right Colleges Program                          $250

5. Finding Money for College  Program                            $250

6. College Transfer Program                                                 $250
7.  Study Abroad Services                                                        $250

8. Tuition Insurance Program                Request information 

9.  College 529 Savings Program           Request information 

10. Books and Software                              Request information                      

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More About Our Services

1. What do you get for your ACCESS fee of $25?

Our application fee is just $25/year and it shows us
you are serious and have some "skin in the game." 

Once enrolled, you will receive:

1.  Five College Success Articles on paying for college.

2.  Access to our other programs. 

2. What is covered in our $99  College Review Sanity Check Program?

This review program is designed to reduce stress and make sure you are on the right path when applying to college. 

You will quickly discover one or more of the following depending where you are in your college journey.

Are you...
     >applying to the right colleges
     >submitting the best application possible
     >getting the best financial aid offers
     >limiting your student debt
     >finding donors who will support you

3. What do you get from our   
Creating a Great Application Program for $250?

This program goes beyond reviewing your current situation. It includes recommending ways to improve your application.  These recommendations will help you to:

1. Create or improve your high school resume or “brag sheet.”
2. Map a strategy to maximize your SATs or ACT scores.
3. Submit your FAFSA. 
4. Determine your EFC.
4. Identify and feature your extra-curriculars, work, and other activities.
5. Review and assess  your essay.
6. Obtain and/or review your recommendations.
7. Keep you on track with key dates. 

4. What do you get from our Selecting the Right Colleges Program for $250? 

This program will help you to:

1. Create a great college list.
2. Validate your list if you already have one.
3. Assess your academic fit at each school.
4. Assess your financial situation for each school.
5. Calculate your likely debt exposure at each school.
6. Recommend ways to protect your  college investment.
7. Assess your personal safety at each school.
8. Conduct college visits the right way.
9. Get special help for college athletes, musicians, students with severe financial need, as well as academically high performing students 

5. What do you get from our
Finding College Money Program for $250?

Again, we go well beyond a review.  Instead, we help you to:

1.  Assess your financial aid offers
2. Maximize financial aid at your chosen school
3. Find grants and scholarships from non-school sources
4. Minimize and manage debt
5. Assess work study offers
6. Assess other part-time job opportunities
7. Understand why, when, & how to write thank you letters  

6. What is covered in our College Transfer Program? 

Students often need help when transferring from a college to another two or four-year college. 

Unfortunately they don't always realize they need help until it is too late.

So whether you are moving from a two-year college or a four-year university, give us a call. 

Membership plus a $25 application fee are required.

7. What is covered in our Study Abroad Review program for $99?

Studying abroad can be life-changing.  It can also be expensive and a poor educational value.  Are you considering all four years abroad?  Or simply a semester abroad?  Give us a call.  Let us review your plans. We can help you to maximize your learning while sidestepping some land mines.  

8. How does our College Tuition Insurance Program help you?

One of the biggest oversights by students and their parents is a failure to protect their college investment. That starts with insuring what you pay for tuition, room and board, and other fees. If your child must leave college during the school year, it's a great comfort to know you will not lose the money you paid for college.  

We keep track of insurers who offer coverage and provide information that allows you to make a prudent choice that fits your situation. 
Membership plus a $25 application fee are required. 

9. How can I learn more about our 529 College Savings Program?

Savings plans are always changing.  We monitor these developments and have relationships with financial planners who can create a plan that make sense for you.

Our experts can also help you with tax issues and other creative ways to pay for college. 

Membership plus a $25 application fee are required.

10. What books and software are available at membership prices?

Surviving the Tuition Travesty: Taking the Financial Sting Out of Paying for College.
302 page book for those wanting to know why college costs so much and what to do about it. $29.95

14 Rules for Becoming a Smart College Shopper. Best short book for students and parents on paying for college. $19.95

Protect Your College Investment by Performing Brilliantly in College. What students need to do to get the most out of their education. $19.95

Your College Budget Guidebook plus 5 Spreadsheets.  Identifies many costs missed by students and parents. Plus spreadsheet templates to compare the costs of different colleges.  $49